Limited Edition | 24 x 38 inches

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  • 24 x 38 Inches (w/ black gallery wrap)
  • Limited Edition of 28
  • Signed and numbered on back
  • Breathing Color© Gloss Crystalline Canvas, Museum-Grade 
  • Canon© Lucia EX Pigment, Archival
  • Created for the Go Nagai Art Exhibition (Q Pop Gallery) by artist Sean Danconia
  • Shipped rolled (unframed) 

ABASHIRI IKKA · KIKU-CHAN’S GRENDIZER SURPRISE! is Sean Danconia’s POP-surreal Irezumi-infused Great-Grendizer homage to the cult Japanese comic classic, Abashiri Ikka (あばしり一家) by the legendary Go Nagai.

The artwork features unstoppable girl-power-icon, Kikunosuke Abashiri, adorned with a Goldorak meets Orochi serpent—hand traced off a villain’s body from Takakura Ken’s “The Yakuza (1979)—positioned above a MAD-MOD-MANGA world of giant robots, hanafuda, and iconography from the Abashiri universe

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