Print Proof | 24 x 32 inches


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  • 24 x 32 Inches
  • Print Proof (variant) 
  • Signed on back
  • Breathing Color© Gloss Crystaline Canvas, Museum-Grade
  • Canon© Lucia EX Pigment Ink, Archival
  • Original art by Sean Danconia, released at The D Gallery’s “THE BREAKFAST SHOW” Virtual Art Exhibit (October 2021)
  • Shipped rolled (unframed)
  • Suggest black matting with black frame

A Brain. A Beauty. A Jock. A Rebel. A Recluse. A Kawaii Kitty. And an America Geisha. Plus a mute Pink Panther. And a penguin. And an extra-large ICEE. And some Dim Sum. Before this day is over, they will break some rules, bear their souls, take some chances (along with illicit drugs) and then all get like really super duper hungry and then head over for BREAKFAST at TIFFANY’S, and never ever forget it.

From legendary director John Hughes, with a screenplay by Blake Edwards, and a little “weird science” courtesy of Sean Danconia (plus Gary and Wyatt) present…“HELLO BREAKFAST, KITTY CLUB (AT TIFFANY’S)”—with Kitty White, Ally Sheedy, Judd Nelson, Emilio Estefez, Molly Ringtone, Mr. P and starring Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly—and introducing Anthony Michael Hall as Kitty Johnson.

Ally: “Why are you being so nice to me?”

Molly: “Because you’re letting me…and also I want you to steal that diamond over there and give it to me, along with the breakfast”.

Judd: “Kitty Johnson is such a tough guy, let him steal the diamond”.

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