Édition Omakase | 18 x 24 inches

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  • 18 x 24 Inches 
  • Édition Omakase 
  • Numbered on back
  • Canon© Glossy Photographic Paper 
  • Canon© Lucia EX Pigment, Archival
  • Original art by Sean Danconia for The REVENJ Collection (SAKS 5TH AVENUE, FRED SEGAL)
  • Shipped rolled (unframed)

IL GRANDE REVENJ, Directed by Sean Danconia. Majesty Films, 1979. Based on Super·Pulp Poliziotteschi Comics, Issue 36

Pizza-delivery-boy and guitar hero—Caesar Sato—is pretty pissed. After being cut-out of a pizzeria deal by his sworn Yakuza brothers, Lyin’ Nick Linz & Mike “The Spike” Cardenas, his girlfriend disappears along with his dog, only to reemerge 6-months later with a wild case of “Man-Eating Zombie Disorder”.

Now Caesar must gather a crew of rag-tag retro rejects to escape from Rome’s Quarantined Zombie-Mad Koreatown, as the clock counts down to a double-decker doomsday of GRANDE gratuitous n’ greedy REVENJ! Filmed on location in Cinecitta, in glorious Revenjscope. 

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