Édition Omakase | 18 x 24 inches

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  • 18 x 24 Inches 
  • Édition Omakase 
  • Numbered on back
  • Canon© Glossy Photographic Paper 
  • Canon© Lucia EX Pigment, Archival
  • Original art by Sean Danconia for The SUPER·PULP Collection (MIGHTY FINE)
  • Shipped rolled (unframed)

Smilin’ Sean Danconia, presents shocking tales from The SUPER·PULP Vault—SPACE YAKUZA (Issue 38, 1955).

When Terrible Toshiro, Lanulos Lance and Dimensional Dan (aka, The man who never smiles) finally make it to The Transcendental Tea-House (via wormhole Eighty-Eight), they’re expecting to play the game of their life—but not for their life—but even that surprise doesn’t prepare them for their meeting with the fabled Mistress of the Game—Yayoi Yamauchi—eternal slave to Her Majesty’s Rising Sun Corporation.

The trio must use all their knowledge and power to thwart Yamauchi and win the ultimate prize—an item so valuable that whole worlds will be born or die based on who simply looks at it…’Nuff Said! 


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