Limited Edition | 14 x 24 inches

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  • 14 x 24 Inches 
  • Limited Edition of 50
  • Signed and numbered on back
  • Breathing Color© Gloss Crystalline Canvas, Museum-Grade 
  • Canon© Lucia EX Pigment, Archival
  • Original art by Sean Danconia, created for Q POP’s “Tokusatsu Art Show”
  • Shipped rolled (unframed) 

True believers, get ready for Sean Danconia’s faux-movie-poster homage to the ultimate Supaidaman Live-Action-Anime Television Explosion (now in glorious 2-D!) where everyone’s favorite Giant Spider Robo—LEOPARDON—returns for the ultimate battle against the Calamitous Chameleon and his malevolent minions from Hell-A! With special guest-tomodachi—Yabuki Joe! Spider-Gloomy! Spider-Parker! Spider-Mario—and more!

But wait—there’e more to this Spectacular Japanese Spider-Man (スパイダーマン, Supaidāman) than meets the eye, like his secret identity as motocross champion—Takuya Yamashiro (山城 拓也 Yamashiro Takuya) (Peter who?) and check out his Spider Bracelet (スパイダーブレスレット Supaidā Buresuretto) and The Spider Machine GP-7 (スパイダーマシンGP-7 Supaidā Mashin Jī Pī Sebun)— Get yours today!

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