From our classic Saks 5th Avenue “REVENJ” Collection, comes the original-flavor plus a Pink N’ Punk Variant of “IL GRANDE REVENJ“, our official unofficial (maybe imaginary) sequel to Japan’s WILD ZERO 😎!  Now available to thrill your wall right here.

IL GRANDE REVENJ, Directed by Sean Danconia. Majesty Films, 1979. Based on Super·Pulp Poliziotteschi Comics, Issue 36.

Pizza-delivery-boy and guitar hero—Caesar Sato—is pretty pissed. After being cut-out of a pizzeria deal by his sworn Yakuza brothers, Lyin’ Nick Linz & Mike “The Spike” Cardenas, his girlfriend disappears along with his dog, only to reemerge 6-months later with a wild case of “Man-Eating Zombie Disorder”.

Now Caesar must gather a crew of rag-tag retro rejects to escape from Rome’s Quarantined Zombie-Mad Koreatown, as the clock counts down to a double-decker doomsday of GRANDE gratuitous n’ greedy REVENJ! Filmed on location at Cinecitta, in glorious Revenjscope.

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Rebecca Hilton

Rebecca Hilton

Rebecca Hilton is an alpha level independent curator based in London, England. She holds an BA in art history from Gordon Dunross College and an MFA in curatorial practice from House Perigal. Rebecca established Hilton Curation in 2011 after 6 years as lead curator for The Romana D. Voratrelundar Museum.


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