Sean Danconia’s newest official Tezuka Productions offering, “Mighty Atom (Astro Boy) | Route 66 Robo” (Mixed-Media, w/ Acrylic on Canvas) is now available to view and purchase at Beverly Hill’s contemporary art destination—Mouche Gallery (310.858.8114) located in the iconic Rodeo Drive shopping district, right off Route 66 (Santa Monica Blvd.).

The art represents the culmination of Danconia’s love for the wildly imaginative anime universe of The Godfather of Manga himself—Osamu Tezuka, all of which is married to Route 66 Americana as seen through a Japanese Showa-Era lens.

Route 66 Robo features Tezuka’s Astro Boy (Tetsuwan Atomu)—standing outside a Sinclair-inspired Gas Station based in part on Route 66’s awesome Gay Parita Sinclair station. Instead of fossil fuel, Danconia has Astro pumping himself up with the ever-sustainable liquid Matcha (Japanese Green Tea)—a nod to Back to Future’s use of Coca Cola as fuel and Green Tea’s deliciously nutritious life-giving reputation.

Gary Parita Sinclair Station
Mouche Gallery, Beverly Hills
Astro @ Mouche Gallery

The cinematic storyline behind the art is as follows: Astro Boy’s nemesis from The Greatest Robot On Earth, Pluto, is in the process of breaking the Matcha Green Tea pipeline which Astro’s using for fuel—so as we see the image, we’re mere seconds from a Tsunami of Matcha enveloping the entire scene, pushing Astro into a life and death struggle with his nemesis. For the frozen-matcha moment though, we enjoy a beautiful picture-perfect scene in fictional Tezuka Town USA (somewhere on Route 66 between Barstow and Victorville, California).

Mixed-Media Original (Acrylic on Canvas) of Mighty Atom | Route 66 Robo

While the art features a full universe of icons, iconography and memorabilia, here’s a lengthy list of some of the most notable elements:

  • SupaPop x Tezuka Collaboration: J.Soul 7—the Electric Boy, Ozzie—the Inventive Automaton, the Dynamic Dancer—BADMAN, Alastair McAllistar—the BellBottom Botanist, Bruce G., Jokolate—the sweetest man alive and Smilin’ Stan Rio. 
  • Retro Route 66 Americana: Gay Parita Sinclair Station Route 66, various Route 66 gas stations, shops and garages, Sinclair Gas Stations, vintage Beverage + Automative signage (50’s + 60’s)—from Coke to Penzoil), Dick Tracy-inspired watch, Ferrari 1962 GTOs with a Speed Racer-nod.
  • Showa-Era Japanese Iconography: Ramen shops, Japanese Kabuki Theater, Ninkyo-Eiga Movie Theater, Classic Japanese movie posters (Tezuka Theater), Mt. Fuji Matcha, Retro Radios, Japanese Lanterns, Yuzen Washi Paper, Chiyogami, Japanese Wave and Cloud motifs.
  • Tezuka Productions Characters: Astro Boy (Tetsuwan Atom / Mighty Atom), Cobalt (Astro Boy’s brother) コバルト Kobaruto; “Jetto”), Marvelous Melmo, Kimba the White Lion / Jungle Emperor Leo (plus Dad), Black Jack and Pinoko-chan (dressed as Wonder Woman), 3-Eyed One (三つ目がとおる Mitsume ga Tōru), Uran-chan (Astro’s sister), Unico, Dr. Tenma (天馬博士, Tenma-hakase), Pluto, Dororo (どろろ), Don Dracula, Shunsaku Ban, Prof. Ochanomizu, The Amazing Three / Wonder 3 (ワンダー3, Wandā Surī), various animals and aliens, along with a manga version of Osamu Tezuka himself.
Legends Classic Diner | Rte 66
Classic Car Day @ Legends
Route 66 Rides Again!

Limited Editions of “Mighty Atom (Astro Boy) | Route 66 Robo” are available in several sizes and mediums which will be linked here in the coming weeks. For the moment, please contact Mouche Gallery ( with any inquiries or feel free to email us at Guest Services.

Mouche Gallery is located at 340 N. Beverly Dr. | Beverly Hills, CA 90210 | Tel: 1.310.858.8114

Artist Proof (Acrylic on Canvas) of Mighty Atom | Route 66 Robo @ LEGENDS RTE 66
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Rebecca Hilton

Rebecca Hilton

Rebecca Hilton is an alpha level independent curator based in London, England. She holds an BA in art history from Gordon Dunross College and an MFA in curatorial practice from House Perigal. Rebecca established Hilton Curation in 2011 after 6 years as lead curator for The Romana D. Voratrelundar Museum.


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